How do you cool an ice-cream factory?

In summer, when the love of ice cream reaches its peak, the energy required for ice cream production rises. The air conditioning requirement is high and the solar thermal system, which is designed for the transitional period, together with the existing 50 compressors, produce heat in excess. With FAHRENHEIT adsorption technology, this available waste heat can be converted into cold in an environmentally friendly way to save energy and resources and avoid overloading the plant.

We spoke with Olaf Höhn, Managing Director of Florida Eis, a long time FAHRENHEIT customer, about his experiences with our adsorption technology. They use our adsorption chillers, among other technologies, to make their ice cream production process sustainable and CO2 neutral. For more than seven years, Florida Ice has been air-conditioning the production room with our energy-saving technology, saving at least four tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Many thanks to Olaf Höhn and the whole team of Florida Eis for this interview!

You can watch the complete interview on YouTube.

Here you can find more information about this project and solar cooling.

Photo: Marc Schulte, pexels