Solar Cooling

Solar thermal systems are not only suitable for heating or heating domestic water: Combined with an adsorption system, solar heat can also be used for cooling. This pays off especially in the summer. After all, solar thermal systems are usually dimensioned for spring and fall. Consequently, they produce excess heat during the summer months. At the same time, these hot seasons represent the highest need for cooling.

The adsorption units from FAHRENHEIT transform this excessively abundant thermal energy into the cold. This is not only particularly economical and environmentally friendly: the solar system is also better utilized – and protected against overheating and overloading, adding to its longevity.

Two further advantages result from the intelligent combination of solar thermal and adsorption refrigeration technology: The adsorption technology delivers good performance already at 50 °C. This means that even small drive temperatures from the solar thermal system are enough to maintain the cooling process.A very high level of solar heat can thus be used.

During the heating season, the FAHRENHEIT cooling systems can also be used as heat pumps. Additional heating capacity can be generated by the adsorption machine when solar heat production is low.