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Self-Cooling Supercomputer

A Fahrenheit adsorption cooling system is supporting sustainable energy efficiency at the Leibniz Supercomputer Centre. Data centers use a lot of electricity! On the one hand for data processing, on the other hand for cooling the processors. Energy efficiency is the top issue here. A supercomputer is in operation at the Leibniz Supercomputer Centre (LRZ) […]

CCHP with Adsorption: Proven Results

How can our energy supply be made efficient, climate-friendly and economically sensible? In this context, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences has investigated the use of adsorption chillers from FAHRENHEIT in the Laboratory for Energy Network Systems. The results of the extensive measurement campaign have now been published in a special edition of the engineering newspaper […]

Save the date! – CIO Innovation Workshop, 26.11.2020

Many manufacturing companies are rethinking their corporate strategies as they experience increased pressure to innovate and become more sustainable. The CLEANTECH Initiative Ostdeutschland (CIO) works to support these types of companies in the eastern federal states of Germany in growing their businesses sustainably with clean technologies. As a part of the CIO’s digital innovation workshop […]

CO2-neutral heat with geothermal energy

As of October 1st, FAHRENHEIT is a member of the “Wärmewende durch Geothermie” initiative, in English: The “heat recovery through geothermal energy” initiative. The initiative works to promote using geothermal energy, the fastest possible solution for supplying urban regions with CO2-neutral heat. Many of FAHRENHEIT’s installations occur in combination with local or district heating networks. […]

Save the date! – DENEFF Symposium for Energy Efficient Networks, 04.11.2020

At FAHRENHEIT, we are committed to using energy efficiently and our technology embodies this commitment: our sustainable cooling systems use converted, unused heat and can reduce electricity consumption used for cooling by up to 80%. That’s why we are proud members of the German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF), an independent, cross-industry network of […]

Save the date! – Swisspower Praxisforum Wärme, 22.10.2020

Have excess heat? Why not use it for cooling instead? FAHRENHEIT’s Managing Director, Axel Banoth, and Head of Sales, Gregor Feig, will be giving a talk on adsorption chillers at the Swisspower Praxisforum Wärme on the 22nd of October. Interested in how to use heat for cooling? Join us to learn more about how the […]

Our commitment to CHP – FAHRENHEIT joins the B.KWK

We are excited to announce that we are joining the Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung e.V (B.KWK), in English: The Federal Association for Combined Heat and Power Generation. The B.KWK works to protect the environment and conserve resources through the development of combined heat and power (CHP) generation in Germany. As a member of the B.KWK, FAHRENHEIT will […]

Welcome back Timo

We are very excited to welcome Timo Wäsche back to the Fahrenheit team! Timo served as our Key Account Manager for Northern and Western Germany from 2014 until 2016. We are delighted to have him back as our Sales Manager and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration. Timo has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial […]

How do you cool an ice-cream factory?

In summer, when the love of ice cream reaches its peak, the energy required for ice cream production rises. The air conditioning requirement is high and the solar thermal system, which is designed for the transitional period, together with the existing 50 compressors, produce heat in excess. With FAHRENHEIT adsorption technology, this available waste heat […]