FAHRENHEIT  market and technology leader in the field of adsorption cooling.

This innovative technology has become the new standard in a wide range of applications for economical, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly cooling. We originated in 2002 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE). At that time, under the name SorTech AG, we pushed the pioneering concept of adsorption cooling to market maturity – and developed high-performing product solutions for a wide variety of applications and requirements.


Steffen Kühnert

Position: Managing Director

“In view of rising energy prices and political demands for technologies with a low global warming potential, the cooling industry must meet new challenges. The development of environmentally friendly and climate-neutral solutions, and the optimization of existing systems, have been our core business at Fahrenheit for many years. Fahrenheit GmbH is an innovative, cool employer, and keeps on offering new and exciting development challenges.”

Steffen Kühnert is Technical Director at FAHRENHEIT. He joined the company in 2007 as development engineer. From then, he took on responsibility for both product development and manufacturing. Prior to joining FAHRENHEIT, Steffen Kühnert had been working for engineering companies. He started his career by serving seven years in the German armed forces.

Steffen Kühnert completed an apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator and holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

“In view of rising energy prices and political demands for...

Steffen Kühnert

Managing Director

Dr. Ralph Herrmann

Position: Head of Research & Development

“Environmentally friendly adsorption processes make most sense if they are supported by a resource-friendly use of materials. When used correctly, readily available and non-toxic adsorbent substances can provide the best cooling or heating performance even in small quantities. At Fahrenheit, we recognized this early on, and developed the technology to grow zeolites directly and in precisely defined layers on optimally designed components. Interesting follow-on questions, and the innovative climate at Fahrenheit, have since led to many other innovations.”

Dr. Ralph Herrmann is in charge of research and development at FAHRENHEIT. Trained as a chemist, Dr. Herrmann dedicated a large part of his professional life to researching and evolving zeolite crystals. He holds numerous patents in this field. Since 2004, he has been applying his expertise at FAHRENHEIT.

Before joining FAHRENHEIT, Dr. Herrmann obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Halle, and spent several years at the University of Erlangen as a researcher and as a lecturer for chemical engineers.

“Environmentally friendly adsorption processes make most sense if they are...

Dr. Ralph Herrmann

Head of Research & Development

Gregor Feig

Position: Head of Sales
Phone: +49 172 6149179
Email: gregor.feig@fahrenheit.cool

“All our customers have different requirements, needs, and challenges regarding their companies, buildings, and processes. What they share is the desire to implement sustainable and effective cooling solutions. Finding the most sensible approach, and balacing the right levels of ecology and economy together with our customers, is an exciting process in which we constantly get to know interesting people and new industries.”

Gregor Feig is in charge of sales for adsorption chillers. Mr. Feig, who is originally an architect, first joined our company in 2011 as Sales Manager for Southern Germany. In the meantime, he served a stint as Sales Manager for a maker of digital building models and simulations. Prior to joining FAHRENHEIT, he has worked in various sales functions, including in his own business. He started his career as a planner in engineering companies.

Gregor Feig completed his architectural studies at the University for Applied Sciences in Regensburg.

“All our customers have different requirements, needs, and challenges regarding...

Gregor Feig

Head of Sales

Dr. Franka Kretschmer

Position: CoS | CMO | Business Development

CoS @Fahrenheit GmbH – Cooling Technology 4 Future // Dr.-Ing. Process Eng. // PSM // Scientist.

CoS @Fahrenheit GmbH – Cooling Technology 4 Future // Dr.-Ing....

Dr. Franka Kretschmer

CoS | CMO | Business Development



The right Performance for each project

Staggered product portfolio from 10 kW to several 100 kW due to modular design.

Low Invest

Patented design allows for lower prices and years of maintenance.

Optimum integration into your GLT

SIEMENS controllers enable flexible GLT integration and maximum resilience.

Free Cooling integrated

Automatic free-cooling mode for all machines as standard.

Adaptable to any heat source

Modules can be connected serially and in parallel to map temperature spreads.

Also for hot environments

Zeolite as adsorbent for applications with low cold water or high outdoor temperatures

Combinable with compression cold

Hybrid Chiller as an option for any machine, even with natural refrigerant propane.

Adsorption technology from the technology leader

The expertise of 30 patents and >700 installations benefits you.

Saving energy

Up to 80 % less electricity. The adsorption process is driven by heat instead of electrical power.


We use pure water as refrigerant. Adsorption cooling does not require synthetic refrigerants and thus does not add further global warming materials or ozone killers to the atmosphere.


The adsorption modules do not contain any moving parts, are designed to be simple and robust, and require almost no maintenance.