The coolest way to chill—while saving your budget and the environment

Cold generation, distribution or air conditioning, as climate-friendly, energy efficient and reliable as never before:

Welcome to the technology and market leader for sustainable Adsorption Cooling Technology!

Economical. Ecological. Economological.

The highly efficient cooling systems from FAHRENHEIT transform heat into cold—environmentally friendly, without synthetic refrigerants, saving up to 80% energy, and requiring almost no maintenance.




Green Thinking By FAHRENHEIT

Our most important resource is responsibility. We, the people at FAHRENHEIT, strive toward the goal of achieving sustainability and energy efficiency in a practical way.


Up to 80% less electricity.

The adsorption process is driven by heat instead of electrical power.


We use pure water as refrigerant.

Adsorption cooling does not require synthetic refrigerants and thus does not add any CO2 to the environment.

The adsorption modules do not contain any moving parts, are designed to be simple and robust, and require almost no maintenance.

Turning heat into cold—saving energy and natural resources.

Wherever heat or waste heat is available, FAHRENHEIT’s adsorption technology enables energy-efficient and
environmentally friendly cooling. Drive heat from temperatures as low as 50°C can be used.

Have a look at examples of where our products are used successfully—and how they benefit our customers.

What sets FAHRENHEIT apart

The right
Performance for
each project
Staggered product portfolio from 10 kW to several 100 kW due to modular design.
Low Invest
Patented design allows for lower prices and years of maintenance
Optimum integration
into your GLT
SIEMENS controllers enable flexible GLT integration and maximum resilience.
Cooling integrated
Automatic free-cooling mode for all machines as standard
Adaptable to any heat source
Modules can be connected serially and in parallel to map temperature spreads
Also for hot environments
Zeolite as adsorbent for applications with low cold water or high outdoor temperatures
Combinable with compression cold
HybridChiller as an option for any machine, even with natural refrigerant propane
Adsorption technology
from the technology leader
The expertise of 25 patents and >700 installations benefits you