CO2-neutral heat with geothermal energy

As of October 1st, FAHRENHEIT is a member of the “Wärmewende durch Geothermie” initiative, in English: The “heat recovery through geothermal energy” initiative. The initiative works to promote using geothermal energy, the fastest possible solution for supplying urban regions with CO2-neutral heat.

Many of FAHRENHEIT’s installations occur in combination with local or district heating networks. When they are combined with geothermal energy, it is particularly advantageous for the environment. Geothermal energy decarbonizes existing heating networks and reduces energy imports.

Two examples:

In 2015, FAHRENHEIT set up DJE Kapital AG’s head office with a highly efficient adsorption cooling system on behalf of IEP Pullach, the geothermal energy provider in Pullach. The realizable environmental benefits as well as the easily calculable cooling costs, without capital commitment or maintenance costs, were a major selling point. In 2019/2020, DJE Kapital AG expanded their headquarters and a newer version of FAHRENHEIT’s adsorption technology was selected for the new building.

In 2014, FAHRENHEIT worked with the Bavarian geothermal plant operator Geovol to install a FAHRENHEIT adsorption refrigeration plant at their new energy centre. This refrigeration plant operated with district heating of approximately 90°C. With FAHRENHEIT’s adsorption refrigeration technology, Geovol reduced electrical energy consumption by around 31 MWh/y and, according to projections, also reduced CO2 emissions by around 12 tonnes per year.

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