The IEP (Innovative Energy for the Pullach GmbH) is a 100 percent subsidiary of the community Pullach in the Isar Valley. In cooperation with FAHRENHEIT, the head office of DJE Kapital AG has been realized with a highly efficient adsorption cooling system eCoo 2.0 for cooling the server room and the office space above the floor in the cold contracting process.

In addition to the perfectly calculable costs of cooling by billing per kWh without capital commitment and maintenance costs, the environmental aspects were also decisive for asset managers. The CO2-neutral heating and cooling system not only serves your own green conscience, but also shows to the outside that sustainability is important to the company in several respects. This is not always the cheapest, but overall very well the cheapest solution.

The new building and the expansion of the DJE Kapital AG headquarters are now up and running, and a new edition of the adsorption technology from FAHRENHEIT has been chosen. (Implementation 2019/2020)