Combined Heat and Power Plants

Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP)

Combining heat, power, and cold
into one highly efficient package.

When combined with a CHP, which generates electricity and heat, adsorption chillers create an efficient heat-power-cold generation plant. Using a smart controller, the system will flexibly react to demand and optimally balance between the three forms of energy. This enables extending the annual operating hours of the CHP plant.

Profitability increases along with environmental sustainability: Electricity is generated decentrally along with cold. Moreover, the system increases energy reliability by providing power independent from the grid.


Case Example

The Zero-Emission Printing Plant powered by FAHRENHEIT Technology.

Oeding Print GmbH aspires to produce products which are particularly environmentally friendly. When the printing company decided to build a new administration and production building, they opted for the „Plus Energy Concept“, which combines energy efficiency, energy generation, and energy re-use. Two FAHRENHEIT adsorption chillers constitute a cornerstone of the concept by continuously re-using energy.

„Plus Energy Concept“ by Oeding Print
Case Example

Stadtentwässerung Mannheim

Dehumidifying Gas
using Adsorption.

Mannheim Wastewater Management (EBS) installed two of our adsorption chillers to cool the fermentation gas of their treatment plant. Previously, they used to cool it with well water, which constantly caused clogging in the hydraulic system and the gas coal filter. This required regular clean-up operations.

For this reason, the utility decided to switch to a closed cooling circuit and utilize the waste heat from the CHP plant and other operating processes. FAHRENHEIT adsorption chillers perfectly matched those requirements and now continuously cool the fermentation gas by using the already available excess heat.