Protecting budgets – protecting the environment.

Industry and trade need artificially generated refrigeration – and this demand is growing steadily. At the same time, electricity prices continue to rise. The increasingly stringent climate protection goals – and the associated regulations – also call for plant technology to be made energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Many companies face challenges that can hardly be overcome with conventional solutions.

Adsorption refrigeration opens up new, very economic perspectives. Because it uses previously unused waste heat for the intelligent cooling of processes and buildings. The result: significantly lower electricity costs – and a valuable contribution to climate protection. Because the FAHRENHEIT systems not only cool very economically, they also reduce CO₂ emissions and work exclusively with environmentally friendly materials.

Thanks to their scalability, the FAHRENHEIT adsorption chiller units can be adapted to the cooling requirements up to a rated output of several 100 kW. Compared to compression chillers, they impress with their low maintenance and significantly longer service life.

In addition, our systems pay for themselves very quickly. Breakeven is typically reached after a few years. From this point on, companies earn cash from electricity savings and that over the long term.