Using the Energetic Potential of Compressed Air

Almost all manufacturing companies use compressed air. At the same time, the need for cooling, both for production and for buildings, is constantly increasing, driving energy demand. Adsorption cooling offers an ideal approach for generating cold and reducing energy costs through heat recovery.

More than three quarters of the electrical energy consumed by air compressors can be recovered as hot water. This hot water happens to have just the right temperature for driving an adsorption chillers. This makes combining both an ideal way to increase energy efficiency whenever cooling is needed, whether for process cooling or room air conditioning.

Combined heat and power not only reduces electricity costs significantly, it also relieves the power plants and supports the decentralized energy supply approach.

The combination of compressed air and adsorption cooling works with practically all makes and models of air compressors. The adsorption chiller cools the compressor and simultaneously generates cold, e.g. for cooling production processes, or for room air conditioning.