Efficient and safe cooling solutions for the food industry

FAHRENHEIT’s adsorption chillers are robust, require little maintenance and are very reliable. They are particularly suitable for use in the food industry. After all, reliable, uninterrupted cooling is one of the decisive quality criteria in the production and storage of food.

The units also ensure particularly sustainable and clean production and storage conditions. This is because they require no synthetic refrigerants – and operate exclusively with pure water. A further advantage: Especially in the cost-sensitive food industry, the highly energy-efficient cooling systems open up valuable savings potential. Electricity costs can be reduced by up to 80 %.

Very interesting economic and ecological opportunities arise from the combination of the adsorption technology with a solar thermal system. This is because FAHRENHEIT’s cooling systems are powered by heat. This means that thermal energy generated by solar power can be used directly for cooling.

Since solar thermal systems produce significantly more heat in summer, they automatically cover the greater cooling requirements in the warm season. The Berlin-based ice cream manufacturer Florida Eis, for example, operates a highly regarded showcase project for energy-efficient and CO2-neutral ice cream production.