Cooling Applications

Building A/C

Our summers are getting hotter and hotter, and ensuring a comfortable indoor climate is just as important for office spaces as for production halls, hotels, or cinemas. Adsorption cooling systems from FAHRENHEIT generate the optimal temperature from waste heat. The heat can also be generated by cogeneration plants, from solar heat from the sun, or it can be directly obtained from production processes.

Warehouse Cooling

Reliable, uninterrupted cooling of sensitive products is an important quality aspect when it comes to manufacturing and storage, not just in the food industry. What’s more, employees working in warehouses also want a pleasant working temperature during the hotter months of the year.

Production Cooling

FAHRENHEITS’s adsorption cooling systems are robust, low-maintenance, and very reliable. This makes them particularly suitable for often demanding production environments. At the same time, they help you achieve your energy goals: Because they save up to 80% electricity compared to conventional cooling systems.

IT Cooling

Data centers consume an ever-increasing proportion of the electricity produced worldwide — reaching 4% already today. Cooling with conventional technologies contributes considerably to this high consumption. This is exactly where FAHRENHEIT cooling systems come in. Computer power is converted into waste heat.

Food Cooling

Bitte übersetzen – Die Adsorptionskältesysteme von FAHRENHEIT sind robust, wartungsarm und sehr zuverlässig. Daher eignen sie sich insbesondere auch für den Einsatz in der Lebensmittelbranche. Denn verlässliche, unterbrechungsfreie Kühlung ist eines der entscheidenden Qualitätskriterien bei der Herstellung und Lagerung von Lebensmitteln.

Vehicle Cooling

Bitte übersetzen – Die Fahrzeugbranche steht vor großen Herausforderungen: Weltweit steigende Verbrauchs- und Emissionsstandards treffen auf den technologischen Umbruch hin zur Elektromobilität. Gerade für die reale Verbrauchssenkung bei Verbrennungsmotoren ist Adsorptionskühlung ein idealer Hebel. Die Nutzung der Abwärme aus dem Abgasstrang und aus dem Kühlwasser ermöglicht die Klimatisierung des Innenraums von Pkws und Lkws – und das nicht nur während der Fahrt, sondern bei entsprechender Auslegung auch im Stand.

Battery Cooling

EV batteries are the core component of the mobility technology of the future. The increase in density and power of EV batteries goes along with higher heat generation, which has become significant during high-power charge or discharge events. At the same time, EV batteries last the longest when they are operated within a narrow temperature range of between 20 and 30°C.