Herding® Filter technology – Pure productivity…

…not only does this mean clean, pure air, but also a more economic and environmentally-friendly use of resources. Herding GmbH Filter technology is amongst the leading manufacturers of filter media, de-dusting systems and filter systems for the industry.

Herding reduces environmental pollution during the production process and product life-cycle by minimising the use of non-renewable energies and manufacturing long-lasting products. Herding® products help to conserve the environment, protect the air, people and the environment from harmful emissions and make a significant contribution to the safeguarding of the future. The company sees it as their obligation to also put environmental protection at the top of the agenda on their own premises.

For this reason, any exhaust gases produced by the in-house filter systems are used for the CO₂-neutral cooling of the server rooms and office spaces. The three photovoltaics, with an overall output of 100 kWp, also significantly contribute to the protection of the environment. Since their installation over 10 years ago, they have generated valuable solar energy and as a result save around 52.4 tons of CO₂ per year. In addition, the company has installed 4 charging stations for electrical vehicles that Herding employees and customers can use for free.

During the summer months, Herding employees can enjoy the environmentally-friendly air-conditioning, made possible by an adsorption system from FAHRENHEIT, which can actually be easily used over the existing underfloor heating.

Simply clever.

  • Heat source

    Process Waste Heat

  • Drive temperature

    80 – 65 °C

  • Cooling capacity

    26 kW

  • Cold water temperature

    17 – 21 °C