Cool Calculator - Hot Savings Potential

It Cooling With Minimal Power Consumption
Consumption has a considerable share of cooling with conventional technologies. This is exactly where the cooling systems from FAHRENHEIT start. Because computer power is converted into waste heat – and the adsorption technology uses instead of expensive electrical energy exactly this already existing heat energy for cooling.
Also possible: the drive through efficient external heat sources, such as a combined heat and power plant (see variants 1 and 2). For operators of data centers and Server rooms thus result in considerable potential savings. In parallel with the electricity costs, CO2 emissions are also reduced – and the refrigerant used is nothing but pure, harmless water.

Drive Through Waste Heat Of The Cpus.

It is particularly energy-efficient to use the waste heat from the cores themselves for cooling. This variant is particularly suitable for water-cooled systems.

Drive by external heat.

Low power consumption, positive environmental aspects: In economic and energy policy, the use of cogeneration units is particularly interesting. District heating is also suitable for driving our cooling systems. This variant makes sense from approx. 5 kW cooling demand


CHP supplies the fashion house with electricity and uses the waste heat to cool the sales rooms over several floors outside the heating season.


From tailoring to a successful and environmentally conscious fashion company.
Retailers know that customers are becoming increasingly self-confident and picky. However, the right feel-good climate is just as much a part of a successful shopping experience.

FAHRENHEIT offers with its adsorption chillers exactly the environmentally friendly and cost-neutral solution. In conjunction with the waste heat from the EC Power 15/30 CHP plant used for power generation, the new refrigeration system eCoo 2.0. the customer when entering the specialist store for exclusive men's and women's fashion the enjoyment of a soothing temperature change, during the hot summer heat and increases the length of stay of customers in the store. This increases the buying mood and gives customers an even more exclusive shopping experience.

Adsorption catalytic units are environmentally friendly, save electricity and reduce Co2 emissions. Eco-friendly shopping, fashion house Hofmann simply offers more.