Customer is King
Even in hot summer months, satisfied guests expect the highest level of comfort possible and want to feel completely at ease during their hotel stay.
Something not to be underestimated here is having the perfect climate in the room. Adsorption refrigeration systems from FAHRENHEIT generate the optimal room temperature using waste heat. The heat can be generated, for example, in cogeneration plants, with solar energy from the sun, or it can be obtained from geothermal systems.
Our cooling systems can help to reduce your carbon footprint in many ways: They save up to 80% in electricity costs, they don’t use any artificial coolants and work just with water.

Drive Through Waste Heat Of The Cpus.

It is particularly energy-efficient to use the waste heat from the cores themselves for cooling. This variant is particularly suitable for water-cooled systems.

Drive by external heat.

Low power consumption, positive environmental aspects: In economic and energy policy, the use of cogeneration units is particularly interesting. District heating is also suitable for driving our cooling systems. This variant makes sense from approx. 5 kW cooling demand