Cool Calculator - Hot Savings Potential

It Cooling With Minimal Power Consumption
Consumption has a considerable share of cooling with conventional technologies. This is where the cooling systems from FAHRENHEIT start. Because of the heat and the heat of combustion that is used in the process of heat recovery, it is used in the same heat energy for cooling.
Thus possible: the drive through efficient external heat sources, as well as a combined heat and power plant (see variants 1 and 2). For operators of data centers and server rooms thus results in considerable potential savings. In parallel with the electricity costs, CO2 emissions are also reduced to zero.

Drive Through Waste Heat of The Cpus.

It is particularly energy-efficient to use the waste heat from the cores themselves for cooling. This variant is particularly suitable for water-cooled systems.

Drive by external heat.

Low power consumption, positive environmental aspects: In economic and energy policy, the use of cogeneration units is particularly interesting. District heating is also suitable for driving our cooling systems. This variant makes sense from approx. 5 kW cooling demand.