Zeolite Chillers

Zeo: The next generation of cooling

Zeolite based adsorption chillers:
The pinnacle of technological

Zeolite is a crystalline, environmentally harmless mineral which takes in, i.e. adsorbs, water vapor, thereby creating cold, and which releases the vapor again when heated. FAHRENHEIT chillers therefore use the most natural of all coolants: Water.

The way we apply the zeolite is particularly innovative: Our proprietary and patented process makes zeolite crystals grow directly out of the surface and can therefore reach a maximum surface area (read more about this process here).

Within the chiller, we optimized the heat transport, engineering high performance into a small footprint. The size of the heat exchangers at the core of each adsorption chiller could be minimized by maximizing their active surfaces.

For a given power rating, zeolite chillers are therefore smaller and lighter than conventional adsorption chillers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Vastly higher performance density

    Enabling a smaller footprint and lower cost.

  • Adjustable to different drive temperatures

    Tailored for a broad spectrum of applications.

  • Easier maintenance

    Even higher vacuum stability through crystalization without adhesives.