Introducing Adsorption Cooling in Poland at INSTALACJE Trade Fair

By May 27, 2018 October 10th, 2019 No Comments

In the last week of April 2018, Fahrenheit presented adsorption cooling technology to Polish visitors at Instalacje trade fair in Poznan. The concept of cooling with waste heat is becoming more and more popular in the Polish industry, due to the increasing importance of energy efficiency and environmental protection. As a result of that growing interest, our presence at Instalacje was met with resounding interest.

At the trade show, we presented our newly expanded product portfolio. The new product portfolio is driven by market demands: eCoo 40X for industrial scale cooling, Zeo for effective cooling in hot climates, and the HybridChiller for applications with intermittent drive heat or highly variable loads. At Instalacje, many visitors were interested in our new eCoo X series, which is designed especially for industrial applications with high cooling demand.

This was our first trade show presence in Poland, and we are happy for the opportunity to build awareness for adsorption cooling technology in a country which has all the right prerequisites for it: Large amounts of residual heat from industrial processes, extensive district heating networks, widespread cogeneration systems, and a constantly growing number of data centers.