Measurement and Control Technology

Measurement and Control Technology

Flexible and smart control technology to ensure
best performance under all circumstances.

In addition to the mechanical design, our control technology and interfaces enable performance and efficiency of our chillers.

All our chillers are equipped with a modern, programmable control unit. Most of our units are standard equipped with a powerful Siemens Climatix controller. Their operation can be optimized for maximum efficiency or maximum cooling power. The controllers adapt to the heat source available to maximize performance of the overall system.

The control units also simplify operations by virtue of their integration with standard interfaces in building management or process control rooms.

Our HybridChiller is equipped with a particularly intelligent control set: Depending on current cooling requirements and drive heat available, an algorithm optimizes the mix of compression and adsorption. Even short-term demand peaks can be handled precisely and without delay. The control unit ensures maximum efficiency of the overall system.