Solar Cooling

Solar Cooling

Cooling with solar heat:
Economical and
environmentally friendly.

Solar thermal systems are not only suitable for space and water heating purposes. Due to necessary overdimensioning in designing the systems, in the summer they produce much more heat than needed. By combining solar collectors with adsorption chillers, this excess heat is used to produce environmentally friendly and efficient cold for buildings and industrial processes.

This pays off greatly in the summer, due to the high cooling demand and the excess heat gathered from the sun.

Thanks to our adsorption chilling technology, the components of the solar system (storage tank and collectors) are better utilized, whilte at the same time protected from overheating and overloading. This extends the lifespan of the system and improves its efficiency and profitability.

Another advantage of using the sun to drive adsorption chilling technology is that the inflow temperature required to maintain the cooling process and extract a maximum of solar energy can be very low. Furthermore, our intelligent technology can be used as a heat pump during the colder season. When used as heat pump, additional heat can be generated even when the solar collectors produce only little thermal energy.

Case Study

Solar driven cooling for Fraunhofer Institute

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) employs 1,300 people who research energy generation, efficiency, supply, and storage.

As early as 2005, Fraunhofer installed an adsorption cooling system for cooling its cafeteria in the summer and heating it in the winter. Ever since then, the system has proven its reliability, ease of maintenance, and economical and environmental benefits. At the same time, it underscores Fraunhofer’s progressiveness when it comes to innovative and sustainable energy solution.