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Industry & Manufacturing

Reusing waste heat:
Protecting the environment –
and your P&L.

The need for cold generation has been increasing steadily for years, and this trend is bound to continue. Manufacturing, administration, and logistics facilities require cooling just as well as hospitality businesses, retail, and the service sector.

This trend is creating challenges for many businesses due to rising electricity prices. In addition, there is increasing regulatory and environmental pressure to abolish potentially harmful coolants used in traditional cooling devices.

Re-using waste heat is both an efficient as well as an environmentally sensible alternative to traditional cooling. The investment in adsorption technology typically pays for itself within a short timeframe.

Conventional cooling devices and technologies consume a lot of electricity and generate proportionate amounts of CO2. Additionally, most of the coolant substances used are harmful to the environment. FAHRENHEIT adsorption chillers save energy as well as the environment, and they make financial sense, too.

adsorption chillers

By using residual heat, which would otherwise be wasted, our chillers are an intelligent solution for cooling processes and buildings. They reduce your electricity bill and provide you with a highly sustainable cooling solution. Our chillers contain only harmless materials and function without any synthetic coolants – therefore directly benefitting the environment.

Thanks to smart scalability, our adsorption chillers can adapt to your cooling needs and performance requirements, up to several hundreds of kilowatts in cooling power. Compared to traditional cooling technology, our chillers are practically maintenance-free. In addition, they pay back the investment rapidly via energy savings and significantly lower your running cost.


Case Example

Process cooling
with compressor
waste heat

More than three quarters of the heat produced by air compressors can be recovered for hot water systems. However, this hot water is only usable in the cold months. In order to better utilize this unused or partially used thermal energy, ERKO High-Precision and Control Technology GmbH (also known as ERKO CNC) installed five FAHRENHEIT adsorption chillers.

The generated cold is used to cool an emulsion which in turn cools the machine tools. Due to the multi-shift operation and therefore almost constant need for compressed air and cooling, our adsorption chillers constitute an extremely economical solution.