Automobile & Transportation

Automobile & Transportation

Saving Energy, reducing CO2, and avoiding synthetic Coolants in mobile Applications.

Our patented zeolite coating technology opens the way to new application fields for adsorption technology &ndash& in particular for mobile applications in automobiles, trucks, shipping vessels, and containers.

Over many years, FAHRENHEIT’s research and innovation succeeded in succeeded in making adsorption chillers smaller, more powerful, and more resilient.

By now, our chillers are capable of operating at over 200°C drive temperature and generating cold far below 0°C at extremely high efficiency. At the same time, their geometrical shape can be adapted to the particular installation location, and they only weigh in at a few kilograms. Besides generating cold, these devices can also store heat and cold for almost indefinite periods of time.

Besides saving energy and fuel, and reducing CO2 emissions accordingly, our adsorption technology eliminates the need for synthetic coolants or other toxic or combustible substances.

With regard to the increasingly demanding fleet emissions targets, FAHRENHEIT co-operates with companies in the automobile industry to enable the use of zeolite based adsorption units in next generation vehicles.
There are manifold potential uses of adsorption technology in cars: From a highly energy efficient replacement for the interior air conditioning system to a comprehensive solution for the vehicle’s thermal management, including pre-heating, high-performance intercooler systems, and water recovery from the exhaust stream. In electric vehicles, adsorption technology not only allows for battery cooling, including during rapid charging, but also for quickly pre-heating the battery when starting in a cold environment.