FAHRENHEIT – Cooling Innovation.

Pioneering adsorption
technology since 2002.

FAHRENHEIT was founded in 2002 as a spin-off from Fraunhofer Institute for Solare Energy Systems (ISE). From the very beginning, research and technological excellence have been the pillars of our company.

FAHRENHEIT has quickly evolved to be the market and innovation leader for adsorption cooling. The technology, initially intended as a solution for solar cooling, has since become established in numerous applications.

Our current company overview brochure is available for download here.

Turning heat into cold.

FAHRENHEIT chillers do not require electrical power for cooling. They function on the principle of adsorption. Adsorption occurs when molecules of a liquid (in our case water) adhere to the surface of a solid (in our case zeolite crystals). This causes the liquid to evaporate, generating cold. Once the solid material is saturated, heating it will cause it to release the adsorbed liquid, allowing the process to start anew.

As long as any form of residual heat is available, our machines can generate cold much more efficiently, and therefore much more environmentally friendly, than any current technology.

Innovation and responsibility for our environment.

Besides our pursuit of technical excellence, reducing our impact on the environment is another driving force for our developing new technologies and products. It starts with our choice of materials: FAHRENHEIT uses zeolite crystals not only because it is a powerful adsorber, but also because it is efficient, nontoxic and environmentally-friendly. The other main ingredient is water, pure and simple.

A history of innovation.


Founding of SorTech AG in Freiburg as a spinoff of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy (ISE). Released prototype chiller ACS 05 for field testing.


Launched first commercial chillers ACS 08/ACS 15 in the German market.


First international deliveries – over 100 units.


Developed first zeolite heat pump.


Launched advanced silica gel based eCoo line of products.


Launched eCoo 2.0 and eZea, the first zeolite based chiller.


Expanded into high-power applications with introduction of eCoo Industry.


Company relaunched as FAHRENHEIT to mark a dedicated expansion into international markets and the commercial readiness of ground breaking zeolite technology.