Zeolite technology: Adsorption at a new level of efficiency

Zeolite is a mineral or, more precisely, a crystalline aluminosilicate. This material is non-toxic, absolutely harmless and environmentally friendly. Due to its microporous structural characteristics, it has a very large surface area and is therefore ideal for adsorption.

Our engineers have stageeloped a special crystallization process for optimally applying zeolite to the heat exchangers: Partial Support Transformation (PST).

Coating by crystallization

In this innovative coating process, zeolite crystals are „grown“ directly on the surface of the heat exchanger by means of a sophisticated chemical process. This process does not require any binders or adhesive layers.

Compared to conventionally coated adsorbers, this patented crystallization enables a significantly higher energy and power density. Since there is no need for binders or adhesive layers at all, it also enables optimum heat transfer.

New perspectives for adsorption cooling

Zeolite crystallization opens up completely new opportunities for adsorption cooling technology in many areas. This is because the usable temperature ranges can be optimized for the respective application—zeolite chillers can be used at much higher outside temperatures than other thermal cooling solutions. In addition, the size of the heat exchangers can be significantly reduced, but feature the same performance.